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…and another thing. Baby on Board signs. Who exactly are these people who put the Baby On Board stickers in the back windows of their cars? I do a lot of driving and there’s loads of them out there. When … Continue reading

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Bournemouth Beach Burka

….and another thing. Last Saturday was, at last, warm and sunny and Bournemouth Beach was a joy. I live there and have a beach hut. And sitting there with food and drink and proper chairs that can be stored on … Continue reading

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And another thing….. Toilet rolls. Yes toilet rolls. What is it with toilet rolls? They shouldn’t be a problem should they? A toilet roll is a long strip of occasionally perforated paper wrapped around  some cardboard . I mean it’s … Continue reading

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Just me then?

….and another thing. Supermarkets. It has been slowly dawning on me lately that I am alone. I don’t mean lonely I just mean alone. When faced with life’s daily absurdities I try to be a good citizen and complain about … Continue reading

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My First Blog

9pm on 29th January 2013 …and another thing! I’ve been told I should blog. And so I am. Matt (a young person) has been here all morning setting it all up while I take notes in an old exercise book … Continue reading

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